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Don't miss: The three ‘R’s of disasters - readiness, response and recovery ... and the ostrich

05 May 2021/Categories: CILT, Industry News, Active Travel & Travel Planning, Aviation, Bus & Coach, Freight Forwarding, Logistics & Supply Chain, Operations Management, Ports, Maritime & Waterways, Rail, Transport Planning, Coronavirus

As part of Catalysing Change week, CILT members are invited to join the team at Catalyst 2030 for a special webinar on Friday 7th May at 15.00CEST. 

From pandemics through earthquakes to extreme weather, most disasters are predictable – timing and impact are the variables.  We pretty much know what to expect and where. We don’t get tsunamis in the Himalayas or avalanches and cyclones in the Sahara. So why are we so often ill-prepared and what can we do differently? 

Disasters are the responsibility of all of us. Catalyst 2030 has formed an Issue Based Group to develop proposals for how social entrepreneurs can engage in this critical area for human survival and the SDGs. Expert panellists will each briefly relate their life experiences of responding to and recovering from disasters, followed by a discussion with audience participation. 

This event will investigate if we are more like the proverbial Ostrich, hiding our heads in the sand? (Actually, that bird is very smart and seriously maligned; if its head is down, it is probably tending its egg). The Ostrich Paradox from Meyer and Kunreuther, at The Wharton School, points to a whole range of paradoxical human behaviours that produce Ostrich-like outcomes in the face of disasters. 

In a nutshell, we are often not ready when we could and should be. Catalyst 2030 is building a group of Social Entrepreneurs to create capability across the three Rs of Disasters: Readiness, Response and Recovery, and to overcome the Ostrich Paradox. 

SEs are uniquely positioned to help in disaster situations. They are trusted in their communities, know the people who may be affected and the lie of their land. And they give great value for money. 

During this event you will get to hear about real experiences, discuss how we can improve on each ‘R’, and to widen the network of people keen to engage with this essential humanitarian mission. 

The aim of the webinar is to develop ways of working that enable global Social Entrepreneurs to leverage their value across the three Rs. 

Social Entrepreneurs, with their commitment to the SDGs, exist at the nexus of disaster relief and development. We need a dialogue on our thinking and to develop collaborations across the disaster and development spectrum. 

There are exciting capabilities being identified across the Catalyst network that will support this endeavour. Connecting Social Entrepreneurs and local communities with international agencies via a digital toolset is just one. 

This is an open call to all with interest to join the session and contribute. Register here for your place.



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