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The Future of Telecoms is Now

11 February 2022/Categories: Industry News, Operations Management, Coronavirus, Membership, Corporate News

In 2015, British Telecoms announced that they would be turning off ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines and switching over to digital lines, or internet lines – otherwise known as the great BT Switch Off.

This change is happening because the traditional copper network that we currently use for our telecoms, simply can’t keep up with faster and slicker alternatives. From 2025 onwards, phone calls won’t be made using analogue lines but will be made through new IP (Internet Protocol) technology and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technologies that are faster, clearer, and more advanced.


Influences on the Switch Off

The growing demand on improvements to the telecoms network has seen more pressure following the COVID-19 pandemic. This changed the way people worked, and were educated, and put huge demand on providers to sustain this new level of demand.

In the wake of the work from home order, offices were abandoned and whilst businesses invested in solutions which enabled their teams to work from home, this increased costs while businesses were still absorbing costs for their office infrastructure.

Technology from smartphones, apps, the cloud, Zoom, and the IoT have all played a part in upping the demand for faster infrastructure in the UK. But technology isn’t the only thing that has contributed to the change in demand. The telecoms switch off has been coming for many years and is happening across the world.


Benefits of the Great BT Switch Off

This change isn’t just affecting businesses but homes too and comes with a lot of benefits. Namely being able to make calls on any device from wherever you are, from the same number. Linking your business applications and systems with video chat, calls and collaboration i.e., Microsoft Teams. Allowing your employees to improve communication throughout the business as well as file sharing, accessible through the cloud, from anywhere at any time.

Businesses will have the opportunity to become a genuinely remote organisation, not tied to any on-premises telephony network. With the switch, your business can take advantage of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), virtual landlines and other fiber products to make calls.


Getting Ahead of the Change

Whilst the switch off isn’t taking place until 2025, it’s imperative that businesses get ahead of the curve and look to avoid rushing to implement the new technology nearer the deadline. BT currently plan to cease the installation of ISDN and PSTN lines nationally in 2023 and they will only be available to purchase until September 2023.

To get ahead of the switch off, your business should:

  • Get buy-in from your businesses C-suite
  • Obtain budget approval for the transition
  • Inform and organise internal teams
  • Review current connections, phone lines, alarms etc.
  • Move to a digital focused way of working if you haven’t already such as Microsoft Teams
  • Plan and implement your switch over strategy
  • Get expert advice for this migration

Putting off preparing for the switch off could cost your business thousands and put unnecessary pressure and strain on your business the longer you leave it. Giving yourself as much time to prepare for the switch as possible gives you more opportunity to prepare all aspects of your business.


Benefits of Switching with Inspired PLC

As experts who can help you navigate the best solutions for your business, Inspired PLC has the knowledge and experience to help your business make the switch as cost-effectively as possible.

The advantage of choosing them to support your business with this transition, is that Inspired together with one of their trusted partners can help guide and support you on this change of technology, to ensure you get the right telecoms solution at the best price.

They can also support your business with audits to account for what you need versus what you currently use, to help you consolidate your devices, check your historical bills for discrepancies and help you reduce your telecoms bill.


Get ahead of the switchover and speak to Inspired Energy’s experts by emailing or by speaking directly to Wayne Brown on 01772 689250 or via email

Professional Cost Management Group (PCMG), part of Inspired Energy PLC, has identified more than £17.4m in refunds and savings for clients since the start of 2019, by looking deeper into their energy, water and telecoms expenditure. In addition, refunds and savings amounting to £42,933,546 have been recovered for the public sector alone.


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