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Sponsorship Spotlight: Blink

15 February 2022/Categories: Industry News, Institute News, Membership, Corporate News

Focus sits down with Chris Conn, Account Executive at Blink to find out more about the reasons behind its commitment to CILT’s Awards for Excellence.


Can you introduce yourself and Blink?

Blink is a platform for frontline organisations that want to drive digital transformation. Blink the frontline mobile, one-place access to applications, data, process, payslips, communications – and much more. 

By giving frontline workers access to what they need, when they need it, Blink helps organisations amplify their market advantage through conversations, employee retention, and productivity, 

I lead Blink's engagements within transport and logistics, where we have already launched to organisations like Stagecoach, GoAhead Group, Dee Set Logistics, Metroline, Mediquip, Network Rail, and more. 


How long have you supported CILT?

We began supporting CILT in 2020, and we've never looked back! 


What does Blink get out of its relationship with CILT?

CILT comes with many benefits to Blink, despite limited in-person events over the last two years. 

The monthly newsletters and magazines provide valuable industry insights regarding today's challenges (and what the future holds). 

Market intelligence and data published by CILT helps us continue to improve our product offering and ensure we provide maximum value to all our customers by industry standards. 

CILT also provides extensive networking opportunities, supporting our efforts to partner with more global organisations. 


Why was Blink motivated to sponsor the CILT Awards?

The last two years have been tough for everyone. Logistics and transport organisations have played a critical role in keeping the world moving (pardon the pun).

As a technology provider for the industry, we felt it was important to recognise and celebrate the success of those who have leveraged the power of technology to overcome challenges faced throughout the pandemic. 


What challenges has Blink identified in the logistics and transport sector for 2022?

The logistics and transport industry is grappling with a labour shortage and a recruitment crisis: in other words, losing employees and struggling to replace them. 

Add to that complex new Brexit regulations; increasing fuel prices; mounting pressure from governments and consumers to become greener; increasing levels of Covid-19-related sick leave; and the knock-on effects of 'The Great Resignation'? 

Organisations are under enormous strain, but I know they will emerge on the other side. 


How is Blink mitigating these challenges, and what new initiatives are you introducing in 2022 to help alleviate pressure in this sector?

Blink has partnered with hundreds of organisations around the world to address three key challenges:


1. Increase employee retention: Given that regulation changes and skills shortages are out of Blink's control, we focus on enabling organisations to retain their existing employees better to reduce recruitment pressures. 

By giving frontline workers access to everything they need to do their jobs and feel part of the company, we improve the employee experience in meaningful, everyday ways. As a result, existing customers have seen a 26% reduction in staff turnover within the first year. 


2. Build a 'conversation culture'. 

Covid-19 made remote work feel even more remote; frontline employees often go weeks without seeing colleagues. This makes it challenging to ensure that employees receive the support and sense of community they need to thrive in their roles.  

Blink helps companies shift from one-way communication to a two-way dialogue with the frontline. Creating a culture where the frontline is engaged, gives feedback, and asks leadership (or eachother) questions saves time, money, and resources. 


3. Leverage technology to help organisations do more, faster. 

Organisations are always looking to increase productivity. Whatever it is that's slowing them down, we've found the same thing always causes it: broken everyday processes. 

Companies use Blink to fix and automate these processes: think Health & Safety reporting, Single Sign-On, employee recognition... 

One that stands out is filling shifts. With the combined effects of a skills shortage and Covid-19 forcing drivers to self-isolate, it's harder than ever for organisations to fill last-minute shifts or scale their workforce up and down to meet customer demand. 

This forces them to rely on expensive agencies to fill these shifts – or refuse new contracts. 

Using Blink, organisations can quickly communicate shift changes and advertise open shifts to specific teams at the touch of a button. 

Employees love having more flexibility with their hours and increasing their income. And organisations love taking on new business (and having 100% of their shifts filled by existing employees). 

At Blink, we spend a lot of time researching the industries we operate in and asking our customers about the challenges they face. Armed with this deep understanding, we can co-write our product roadmap with our customers and prioritise the features which matter most to them.


What are you most looking forward to at the Awards this year?

This will be the first in-person event that the team will be attending in the last two years. I'm looking forward to meeting old and new friends and celebrating success alongside the best in the industry today. 


For more information about the CILT Awards for Excellence, visit: www.ciltuk.org.uk/awards.



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