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Frequently asked Questions
Are you a new Volunteer? Maybe you're considering becoming a Volunteer?

Then some of the FAQ’s below may be helpful:

What support will I receive as a Volunteer?

  • Support is something that we are very serious about; it is essential to your Volunteer role and for this to be an enjoyable and valuable experience for you. As a new Volunteer, you will be enrolled onto our online Volunteer Induction, which you have 1 month to complete, although on average it takes approx. 12 minutes to complete, so you have plenty of time! The Induction provides headline information about CILT(UK), our vision, purpose and work. Once you have completed the Induction, you will then have access to a range of Volunteer resources which will provide all the information you need; including the regularly updated Volunteer handbook which provides information about the practicalities of being a CILT(UK) Volunteer.
  • You will also receive a welcome email or call and have a link to the CILT(UK) Team at HQ; we are here to help and support you, so all questions are good ones! We also have a dedicated email address for our volunteers to help us to promptly deal with any queries you may have.
  • You will also be welcomed by a Volunteer Community, whatever role you take on. These Volunteers are incredibly welcoming and experienced within their CILT(UK) Volunteer Communities and will be a fantastic ‘buddy’ to support you when you first join.

How much time do I need to commit to a Volunteer role?

  • Simple answer; as much time as you would like and have to share (spare?)! We appreciate the Volunteer role is something that you will need to juggle with your personal and professional lives and that there is an ‘ebb and flow’ with busy periods? and ‘life’ in general. However you wish to continue is appreciated. All we ask is that when you are busy and unable to participate, that you talk to your fellow Volunteers so they know and can fill in the gaps until you become more available.

CILT(UK) is dedicated to making sure that all Volunteers feel welcome and safe; we support all Diversity and Inclusion Communities and encourage Diversity of thought.

Are you a current Volunteer? You can find useful FAQ’s included in the Volunteer handbook

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