CILT - West & North Yorkshire

West & North Yorkshire Group

Chair: Anzir Boodoo MILT

The West & North Yorkshire Group forms part of the North East Region, along with the Humber Group, the South Yorkshire Group and the Tyne Tees Group.

Anzir Boodoo MILT – Chair

Anthony Williams CMILT – Committee Member

Nicoleta Tipi CMILT –Committee Member

Syed Ali MILT – Committee Member

Morag Robertson Phot...

Morag works as a consultant at Jacobs with a detailed and practical understanding of logistics and supply chain operations together with experience working on environmental issues related to transport and logistics. Morag has a long operational history with one of the UK's largest supermarkets which included designing and implementing a formal environmental management system for 22 locations and instigated process improvements that delivered financial savings as well as reducing environmental risk.  

Morag is equipped with strong industry knowledge and has used this experience in a wide variety of roles from private sector to local authority and central government projects. In recent years Morag has been involved in freight policy development and research, working with clients to help them develop freight strategies which includes out of hours trials, construction logistics plans, research work into new freight strategies and fleet recognition schemes. Morag has spent a significant amount of time working with operators to support them in achieving fuel efficiency programmes, getting the most out of their fleets as well as working with public bodies helping them to understand freight needs.

As well as joining the West and North Yorkshire CILT regional group, Morag is an active member in CILT’s Freight and Logistics Policy Group and recently joined CILT’s Sustainability Forum.  Morag also chairs the Yorkshire and Humberside Steering group for the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.  Morag is a keen advocate of creating the right environment for constructive debate, sharing best practice and new ideas.

chris polack


Chris is a Chartered Civil Engineer who has worked in the rail freight industry for nearly 30 years, for most of that time in project and commercial account roles with a major freight operator.  For the last 5 years he has run his own consulting business advising clients on strategy, business development and modal shift.  Chris is a member of the CILT Rail Freight Forum and vice chair of the Editorial Panel of the ICE Transport Journal

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