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Founded in 2012 by Andy Kaye, CEO of Bis Henderson Group, NOVUS is an not-for-profit collaborative venture between leading blue-chip companies and prominent Universities: Aston University, Cardiff University, University of Derby, University of Huddersfield, University of Hull, Middlesex University and Northumbria University. The scheme is designed to attract, inspire and develop the next generation of supply chain professionals. At present, only limited numbers of students choose to study logistics at degree level, with demand for graduates outstripping supply. NOVUS leverages company brands and unique benefits to act as a strategic solution to the skills shortage in the sector.

The initiative has cross-sector support, with retailers, manufacturers and logistics companies on board. NOVUS is managed by a steering committee, drawn from senior leaders of sponsoring companies. The organisation is governed by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT UK), the membership organisation for professionals involved in the movement of goods and people and their associated supply chains.

NOVUS focuses on attracting high-calibre school and college leavers to study logistics and supply chain management at University, before moving into relevant graduate schemes or direct entry roles. NOVUS works exclusively with courses that offer an industrial placement, which is facilitated by the sponsoring companies.


Correct for academic year 2019/20

Uniquely, sponsors are involved with NOVUS students from recruitment to graduation. Sponsorship allows marketing to be undertaken at UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) fairs and in schools, promoting not only the benefits of the scheme, but the supply chain profession at large. Sponsors are then involved in candidate selection, which happens at each of the NOVUS Universities for students that have passed the initial academic screening. Strong applicants are invited to take part in an assessment centre, using competency-based tools and techniques similar to those used for graduate recruitment, but adjusted for the target age group. Communication, team work, decision making and logical thinking form some of the assessment criteria, but passion for and commitment to the logistics profession are pivotal.

Thereafter, sponsors are involved in course delivery, enriching course content by providing guest lectures, company projects and site visits. Furthermore, companies provide mentors for students to assist with their personal and professional development, that stay with students for the duration of their course, and beyond.

The feature that applies NOVUS’ industry-relevant education to the logistics sector is the work experience. Students have two opportunities for paid work experience during the course; the summer between first and second year at University, and the industrial placement year in third year. Additionally, at two NOVUS Universities, Aston University and University of Huddersfield, NOVUS students are guaranteed graduate employment. The areas in which students work on their industrial placement year include client solutions, warehouse management systems, business development, warehouse team management, transport management and more.

For further information, visit the website or contact Bethany Windsor, NOVUS Operations Manager, on 01536 740124 or